Window Film Installation & Cleaning Process


Image showing window film applied to a window ProTint

A certified technician, in a clean and professional manner will clean the windows with our soap water solution which is usually either Baby Shampoo, Joy or Dawn dishwashing soap,then the film is cut slightly larger than the framed glass pane and our soap water solution is sprayed onto the window, the film is placed on the window then the film is trimmed, up to 1/8 inch of the glass edge, finally the installer squeegees the film to get the excess water and to help form a chemical bond between the glass and the film. This adhesive offers a strong bond, film clarity and longevity.

There are no fumes generated with the chemical bonding process. Our installers will wear booties to protect your floors. They protect your belongings with drop cloths and coverings and towels will be placed on the windowsills to protect and absorb moisture.

Due to the fact we are not working in sterile conditions, there may be some small particles that can settle underneath the film but will not hinder the adhesion process. The manufacturer recommends you stand 6-ft away to inspect the window. We will do our very best to make sure the job is done properly.  

What to expect at installation


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Cleaning Process

image of window film being applied with a squeegee

The patented scratch resistant coating on the window films is extremely durable. With proper care, your windows will look beautiful for many years to come. 

Do not be alarmed by the very tiny water bubbles or cloudiness between film and glass. This is normal; the curing stage can take up to 90 days, or longer depending on the season and the type of film.For best results, clean your windows with a soft cotton cloth or a squeegee with NO metal exposed and avoid using any abrasive or ammonia cleaners. We recommend Vinegar or Alcohol based cleaners like “Sprayway”, which you can find at Costco, “Long Shot” is sold at Janitorial Supply Companies, or just a small amount of dishwashing Soap & Water with a capful of rubbing Alcohol or Vinegar & Water.