Endless possibilities provided with Decorative Film

Decorative film on glass room divider

ProTINT has a large line of decorative and custom graphic films that offer endless design possibilities from a basic palette of colored, translucent, opaque, and geometric patterned films.

Decorative films add a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy and glare reduction to any flat glass application.

Custom effects are limited only by your creative imagination, a willingness to experiment, and our knowledgeable installers.

Decorative / Custom Graphic Film Gallery

Visually appealing and Cost Effective alternative

  • Decorative films are a cost effective.vertical-stripe-window-film
  • Versatile alternative to the traditional method of acid etched patterned glass and we are able to add just about any logo.
  • Frosted films allow good use of available ambient light while reducing visual intrusion, making them an excellent choice to enhance privacy in offices, restaurants and storefronts.
  • Used alone or combined with patterned film, these visually appealing films can eliminate the need for blinds.
  • Frosted films reduce eye strain and help improve conditions for office employees and building tenants.
  • All films are designed for interior application and can be retrofitted on existing glass by our experienced installers with minimal disruption to building tenants.

To View a more extensive examples of custom graphic/decorative films visit the

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